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Torch - Six of Fire

It’s fitting that for my first post this is the card that would come up. The goddess Nike associated with this card, is who I am named after. Nike (Niki is the modern spelling/translation) - the Greek goddess of victory. This card is about the relief of coming home successful after a battle and being recognized by your peers for it.

This is a victory that you have come to on your own. You’ve had to trust your instincts in the heat of the moment and make moves on the fly. But you have fought and you have done so with honestly and trust in yourself and you have won. Now you get to come home - with some battle scars - and rest. People have noticed your success and are wanting to follow you, employ your methods, ask your advice, make a leader out of you. You are not only carrying the torch to light the way for others - you ARE the torch. You set the example and you must take responsibility for that. This is not to say that you cant make mistakes, rather that you must be honest with yourself and others about them.

In terms of how this card is resonating with me today - Im in the battle. Ive been feeling all over the place lately and trying to figure out how to move forward in alignment with ‘my path’. I often don’t feel as though I am doing enough, or doing it fast enough. Like I am running out of time or something. It’s frustrating because I know I can’t push too hard. I have a strong pushback mechanism that pops up when I try to force myself ahead before I’m ready, and pushing too hard is often counterproductive. So, I guess it’s a ’trust yourself and where you’re at‘ kind of moment where I need to just take it one step at a time.

I’m very conscious of the fact that I have now cultivated a (limited) public persona. Through the internet I have gathered friends and followers who look to me for advice and guidance. I take this VERY seriously, and am constantly trying to be as true and honest with you (and myself) about who I am. Honestly, even the fact that I am becoming more comfortable and open on a large scale with who I am has been hard won for me. And as I continue to grow through this process of discovery and battle, I am constantly humbled by those of you who would follow me on this journey.

The six of fire reminds me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I am the one carrying it. To be an individual and trust my own intuitions and instincts during the battle moments like this. To close my head and trust my gut. Make moves that FEEL right instead of look or sound right. This battle, unfortunately, has to be fought alone and the Torch card tells me that I must carry my own self through any darkness with honesty, so that I may act as a torch for others as well.

It is intense and hard and doesn’t always feel possible. But this card tells us that we have the courage, strength, wherewithal and instincts to get us where we are going - we just need to be open with ourselves and TRUST. It’s not easy and it sure as fuck doesn’t always make sense, but what else is there to do? Because this card implies victory - we know that we are protected through this journey. Even though I don’t really feel like I can see where I’m going yet, I know my movement towards that place is safe guarded.